Clearly, after reading the jobs etiquitte book, “What Color is Your Worm?”, Director Jerry Griffin took a feesh break in filming and actually caught the same fish again which weeks earlier caused his line to snap relinquishing a white worm. (Photographic evidence located way below for those squeamish about fishy job interviews.) The fish was THROWN BACK twice. 

is NOT the twice caught fish but an illustration of how big it will become in ensuing tales. 
Remember, ...”what color is your worm...

So, the evidence is coming up but we are stalling because it is as graphic as a job interview gone wrong. It seems you gotta be lucky sometimes and wear the right color...choose the right color of worm. You are not the one doing the biting, yes?

Below would be like the second interview where you wore the right color. You found out you did indeed hook them the first time. (But, did you actually worry about it rather than maintainig a positive attitude about fishing?)

This (below) would be like a revelation of the first interview which was digested but never brought out in the open to your understanding.

When you fish it seems you gotta have the right color. The fish is the one doing the biting. So, we just throw it out there with a purpose...