Tiny Tim Interview photo with Jerry Griffin found

"If you have ever forgotten something until you found a picture of it..."

He spoke fondly of Jimi Hendrix, was extremely polite and brown pancake make-up stained tissue stuffed into his white collar (look closely, it's just above his smudged white bow tie.)

This was my very first interview in Atlanta, Georgia as a Journalism student while also writing and anchoring an Emmy-award-winning TV news show covering the Georgia State Legislature. Also, one year before co-anchoring, "The Lawmakers," on Georgia Public Television beside Deborah Norville.

It was a small studio on the campus of Georgia State University yet, Mr. Tim(?) acted no differently than on one of his many The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson appearances. He was very professional and, as you see in this moment immediately before the caption above, he kept patting his mouth while saying in a high-pitched voice, "Thank you. Thank you," as if constantly hearing applause.

Yet, I can close my eyes and hear that falsetto which sang for me in 1978.

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